The King Charles III Silver Commemorative

The King Charles III Silver Commemorative

The King Charles III Silver Commemorative

An exclusive silver bullion commemorative honouring King Charles III as we celebrate the coronation of our new monarch …

  • SPECIAL OFFER! You can own this silver commemorative for only £49.50 – with Free Delivery! That’s a £49.50 saving off the usual price!
  • PURE SILVER! As rich in British royal history as they are in precious silver… these commemoratives are so substantial that they tip the scales at one full troy ounce of precious .999 fine silver each!
  • Made in Britain with exquisite artistry and craftsmanship.
  • Each commemorative is protectively encapsulated in a crystal-clear capsule so you can enjoy details on both the front and back without fear of damage. 
  • With your purchase, you will be enrolled in the Thousand Years of Monarchy Silver Bullion Collection granting you the opportunity, but not the obligation, to purchase other historic commemoratives at the regular price. These remarkable silver commemoratives celebrate the Kings and Queens of England and Great Britain spanning the past 1,000 years — each a stunning tribute to the monarchs who have shaped our nation, from King Canute to the present day. 

Actual size of 1 troy ounce commemorative is 39mm in diameter.

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Act fast to receive The King Charles III Silver Commemorative for just £49.50 – great value versus the regular price of £99 (plus £5 postage and handling).  

DISCOUNTED PRICE £49.50 – WITH FREE DELIVERY! Usual Price: £99 (plus £5 postage and handling). That’s a 50% saving off the usual price and remarkable value for this magnificent commemorative.