The Complete Golden Hind Halfpenny Collection

The Complete Golden Hind Halfpenny Collection

A complete set of pre-decimal halfpennies, each bearing the image of Sir Francis Drake’s famous galleon, in a deluxe wooden display.
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£23.90 for your first shipment of two coins
Thereafter, you will receive 4 coins every other month and pay for 2 coins each month. Coins are £11.95 each.
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On 13th December 1577, Francis Drake began the enterprise that was to earn his place in history: the circumnavigation of the world. An almost three-year voyage of discovery and plunder, it remains to this day one of the greatest voyages ever made.

Now, you can celebrate the legacy of Drake’s adventure with The Complete Golden Hind Halfpenny Collection. This magnificent collection features a date set of thirty halfpennies, each bearing an image of the Golden Hind, the ship that carried Drake and his crew around the globe. Designed by Thomas Humphrey Paget, this image was originally intended for use on the half crown, but in 1937 was approved for the halfpenny instead. From then until decimalisation, all halfpennies minted in Britain featured this image.

Each coin is presented in a custom-made capsule featuring an image of the Golden Hind, and slots into the bespoke wooden chest, which features an ivory-coloured oval on the lid adorned with a print of the Golden Hind; all yours at no additional charge!

You will receive two coins in your first delivery; thereafter you will receive four coins every other month until your collection is complete. You will receive your bespoke wooden chest in your third shipment.

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