The Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Stamp Collection

The Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Stamp Collection

The Queen Victoria Golden Jubilee Stamp Collection
A complete collection of “Jubilee Series” postage stamps, first issued in 1887, the year of Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee!
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In 1887, Victoria, Queen of Great Britain, Empress of India and ruler of the British Empire, celebrated 50 years on the throne. With Britain’s Empire at its height, the occasion was a focus of national and international celebration. Now you can commemorate this milestone in Queen Victoria’s reign with a complete set of genuine postage stamps that were issued from 1887 until the end of the Victorian era.

These fourteen stamps are known as the “Jubilee series”, because the original eleven were first issued in 1887*, coinciding with Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. They weren’t intended to commemorate the event – Royal Mail would not release the first official commemoratives for another 37 years – but they proved so popular with people keen to mark the historic occasion that they are often referred to as the first commemoratives!

Each stamp is a different colour, and most feature two different colours. Prior to 1887, stamps were only printed with one colour, making this series a first in the history of British postage stamps. The attractive, colourful designs proved so popular that they continued to be used on the stamps of Edward VII. I’m sure you’ll agree that the vast array of tones creates an impressive sight! With your subscription you will receive a glass-topped display – free of charge – in which you can proudly display your stamps.

Display measures 7½” x 7” x 2”.

*Three stamps were added to the series after 1887 – a 4½d stamp in 1892, and additional ½d and 1/- stamps in 1900.

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