Native American Stamps

Native American Stamps

75 mint-condition U.S. stamps celebrating Native American peoples, cultures and traditions.
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This stunning collection celebrates America’s Native American heritage. From Sacagawea and Sequoyah to Sitting Bull and Jim Thorpe, Native Americans have uniquely helped shape U.S. history and culture. Commemorating their importance to the American nation are official, mint-condition U.S. postage stamps.Included are:

  • Stamps unavailable at U.S. post offices for decades, including the first regular-issue U.S. stamp to feature a Native American, in 1923.
  • The complete Art of the American Indian issue, released to honour the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington, D.C.
  • Geronimo, Chief Joseph, Red Cloud, Crazy Horse and others.
  • Arts and crafts including Pueblo pottery, Navajo blankets, Pacific Northwest masks, and traditional tribal headdresses.

Plus a Display Chest and Collector's Guide, yours at no extra charge.

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