Iwo Jima 75th Anniversary Coin Sculpture

A dramatic sculpture of the impressive Iwo Jima Memorial, complete with an exclusive 75th anniversary silver-plated medallion, plus a complete set of five 1945 circulated U.S. coins.
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The flag raising on Iwo Jima is an image that is forever etched into the heart and soul of the United States. Now, you are invited to own the ultimate tribute marking the 75th anniversary of this epic military campaign.The stirring sculpture is a re-creation of the Iwo Jima Memorial located in Virginia, which honours the brave soldiers who fought in a fierce World War II battle that raged for more than a month. In addition, you will receive a silver-plated medallion, an etched glass panel, as well as the complete set of the five 1945 circulating coins – a Lincoln penny stuck with copper recovered from artillery shells, the increasing scarce 35% silver Jefferson nickel issued because nickel was needed for the production of military supplies, and three 90% silver coins, the Mercury dime, Washington quarter and Walking Liberty half dollar.This collection includes:
  • A sculpture depicting six Marines raising the U.S. flag on Mount Suribachi in 1945 following their hard-earned victory.
  • An exclusive custom-designed silver-plated medallion commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the victory, plus a complete set of all five 1945 U.S. circulating coin designs from the year American forces won the historic battle are included and encircle the sculpture’s base.
  • An etched glass panel with a quote from Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz providing the perfect backdrop.

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