Leather Talon Bracelet

Leather Talon Bracelet

This braided leather band projects a rugged masculinity sure to attract attention. An interlocking link design, inspired by an eagle’s powerful talons, serves as the bracelet’s focal point. These links, along with the bracelet’s strong core, are forged from stainless steel and complete the piece’s remarkable appearance. The bracelet even comes with an extra link to ensure a precision fit.
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Few things on the planet are more impressive than the eagle’s mighty talons. Razor sharp, with a devastating grip, they are unleashed by the majestic bird as it swoops from the sky. Fierce and determined, the eagle grasps with amazing strength, and refuses to let go.

Now there is a unique men’s bracelet inspired by the eagle’s mighty talons and boldly crafted from genuine leather and steel. 

One size fits most. Comes with an extra link to ensure a precision fit.

Item #:UK-LTLB