The Crusader’s Shield

The Crusader’s Shield

A replica shield inspired by the knights and nobles of the Crusades who fought between 1096 and 1272.
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Product Description:
The Crusades began when Pope Urban II promised the knights of Europe forgiveness for their sins if they went on a mission to win back Jerusalem for Christianity. This series of wars eventually led to the formation of military orders such as the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights.

This elaborate steel reproduction of a typical shield used during the Crusades of 1096-1272 is decorated with the iconic crusader “cross pattée,” which is set with a lion's head motif. Six Fleur de Lys in brass adorn the shield’s perimeter for added detail. The reverse of the shield features a chain intended to hang and display the piece, as well as a clever device the crusaders used for vertically mounting one single sword or two crossed swords. 

Actual size is 34.75" x 20" long