Ferocious Protector Lit Black Dragon

Ferocious Protector Lit Black Dragon

A spectacular black dragon figurine guarding her LED light up glitter ball.
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The mighty black dragon is one of the most enigmatic Wyverns. Hunters on stony borderlands, they delight in the hunt at least as much as its fruits.

This beautiful hand-painted beast guards its precious find – an orb-like glitter ball hatching its young. It protects its young from up on high, atop a castle’s cross, set with a dazzling multi-coloured crystal.

This decorative mythical ornament is perfect for displaying in your favourite place, but come night-time, its beauty really comes into its own. White LED lights illuminate the orb egg giving the figurine a wonderful, mystical glow. Powered via USB cable, it’s an eye catching alternative to a standard desk lamp.

Actual size is 11” (28.5cm) height x 7” (18cm) width x 5.5” (14cm) depth.

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