The “Mystery Mint” American Eagle Silver Dollars

The “Mystery Mint” American Eagle Silver Dollars

A unique treasure trove of “no mint mark” Silver Eagle Dollars, from each year of issue between 2011 and 2014 from both the West Point and San Francisco Mints.

Included are:
•    Coins from both the San Francisco and West Point Mints for each year the “mystery” American Eagle Silver Dollars were struck.
•    One of the highest grades possible for any U.S. coin: Mint State 69, or MS69, condition.
•    One troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver in each coin, its weight, content and purity guaranteed by the U.S. government.
•    The Rarest Certified “Mystery” Silver Eagle—fewer 2011 American Eagles from West Point were certified by PCGS than in any other year of issue by either mint.
•    Plus a Display Chest and Information Booklet, yours at no extra charge.

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Struck at the U.S. Mints in San Francisco and West Point, uncirculated 2011-2014 American Eagle Silver Dollars have no mint marks, so there is no way to tell them apart once the original packaging is opened. But a few of the 500-coin “monster boxes” from both mints were kept intact until the seals were cut and the coins were immediately certified with the appropriate mint by an independent coin-grading service, PCGS. They are now available from Danbury Mint.

Featuring eight uncirculated coins, The “Mystery Mint” American Eagle Silver Dollars collection forms a collectible of beauty, meaning and importance. Each historic coin is sonically sealed by PCGS, forever guaranteeing the mint where it was made and preserving its superb condition. The elegant wooden chest (measuring 13" x 9½" x 2¾"), certificate and booklet will be sent with your third shipment.

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