The 2018 Early Issue <em>Proof</em> American Eagle Silver Dollar

The 2018 Early Issue Proof American Eagle Silver Dollar

America’s purest silver dollar, certified as a special “Early Issue” issue. A flawless masterpiece with a deep cameo finish.
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No U.S. coin embodies the spirit of America more than its purest Silver Dollar: the American Eagle, coveted by collectors and investors alike. The majority of Proof American Eagle silver bullion coins sold in 2017 were snatched up on release day. The same trend in 2018 could mean intense demand for this limited offer! What many collectors don't know is that there’s an even more exclusive collecting opportunity that will soon expire.Only coins graded Proof 70 (PR70) – the highest possible grade for any U.S. coin – are even being considered. The coin must qualify for certification by leading independent authority PCGS as an official “Early Issue” – released by the U.S. Mint within the first 20 business days of its initial issue. And it must demonstrate a “Deep Cameo” (DCAM) finish – the exceptional quality typically seen on the first coins produced with a new die.The coin you receive will:
  • Be one of fewer than 300 available from Danbury Mint.
  • Be struck at least twice with meticulously prepared dies on silver blanks.
  • Be composed of 99.9% pure silver.Bear the coveted “W” mint mark from the West Point Mint, seen on very few U.S. coins.
  • Arrive in a handsome Display Case that measures approximately 4½ x 3¾.
  • Be protected in an official sonically sealed PCGS holder with a label attesting to its exclusive status.

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