Steiff Evander the Panda

Steiff Evander the Panda

A Teddy for Tomorrow, crafted from the finest bamboo-viscose plush.
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Sensing the growing popularity of pandas in the 1930’s – especially with Su-Lin, a gorgeous baby being delivered to Chicago Zoo, Steiff led the way on creating a cuddly version for teddy lovers to hold in their arms.

They were an instant hit. And so, Steiff have continued to create these gorgeous, gentle giants. Now, the innovative craftsmen and women at Steiff have gone back to their roots by creating a panda for a modern age in materials that are fully sustainable and vegan-friendly. 

Evander the Panda is hand-made from the finest bamboo-viscose plush. He’s also five-way jointed and has been designed with a loose head which is easy to move. His pawpads are made of soy bamboo viscose and he’s stuffed with soft PES fibres made entirely from recycled plastic bottles. 

He’s being made in a very small edition limit – only 2,020 pieces can ever be made for worldwide demand. 

Actual size is 12" (30 cm) standing.