Over the Top

An exclusive bronzed sculpture of a soldier of a brave British Tommy scaling the trench ladder, complete with a genuine 1918 penny.
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The expression “to go over the top” originated in the trench warfare of the First World War, as the courageous soldiers charged up and out of the trenches to confront the enemy. The phrase was originally “Over the top and the best of luck”, but as the casualties increased by the thousands, the “and the best of luck” was either omitted or spoken in bitter irony.To commemorate the extraordinary bravery of the British Tommy during the Great War, Danbury Mint presents… Over the Top
  • Using expert guidance from our military historian, our craftsmen have successfully captured every detail. Prepared for action, the soldier is wearing his 1914 Pattern Leather Equipment and Brodie helmet, while grasping his Lee-Enfield rifle, fixed with its bayonet.
  • A genuine penny from 1918.
  • A specially-crafted rectangular wooden base.
  • An exclusive commemorative medal. In raised relief, the front features an image of our troops going over the top. On the reverse are the words of Robert Laurence Binyon, remembering the young men who signed up to fight for their country: “They went with songs to the battle, they were young, straight of limb, true of eye, steady and aglow.”

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