Steiff Purity Law

“Only the best is good enough for our children”, declared founder, Margarete Steiff, in 1880. Steiff have stayed true to her word ever since, honouring her legacy for over a century.

All the cuddly animals and teddy bears that Steiff produce comply with the highest standards of quality and safety. This makes them the safest you can buy.

In fact, Steiff go above and beyond the usual safety regulations – not because they have to, but because they want to.

As a result they have created the Steiff Purity Law:-

  1. No harmful substances or dyes
    Steiff voluntarily avoid the use of harmful substances such as bleaching agents or optical brighteners – above and beyond the standards required by law
  2. Top quality materials
    Steiff have their own weaving facility in Duisburg where they weave fabric made from natural fibres such as mohair, alpaca and premium woven fur made from synthetic fibres.
  3. Finest plush
    Steiff avoid the use of any materials which could cause allergies. The plush of a Steiff toy has always been something special. It is soft, durable and sheds almost no hair.
  4. No harmful fillings
    Steiff use exclusively new and non-harmful materials to stuff their soft teddy bears and animals.
  5. Best seam workmanship
    The skilled machinists at Steiff use standard seam widths and high stitch density to ensure that their creations will last a lifetime.
  6. Vigilant production
    During production, careful attention is given to hygiene and purity requirements. Metal detectors are used throughout the entire process eliminating the chance of a broken needle or a scrap of metal making its way into your Steiff creation.
  7. Independently checked
    Steiff teddy bears and animals have been checked by independent institutions for decades. Steiff also perform over 12,000 quality checks themselves each year.
  8. Unrivalled quality since 1880
    Production is completely environmentally friendly through every stage. The safety and quality of each piece are paramount. A Steiff bear or animal will be a childhood companion and a friend for life.

Quality, safety and high standardsthat’s what the Steiff seal stands for.