Seven Wonders Ring Set

Seven Wonders Ring Set

With seven beautiful colours to choose from, this versatile set of rings makes every moment sparkle!
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With seven beautiful colours to choose from, and over 14 carats of dazzling brilliance, this versatile ring set makes every moment sparkle! Now, thanks to Seven Wonders, achieving the perfect complement to your outfit is as easy as one…two…three!

1.     Select your colour. From astonishing icy white… to fiery red… and sultry black, these faux diamonds will give any outfit a designer edge.

2.      Couple with the custom-made ring jacket. Need even more glamour? No problem! Simply slip the solitaire ring into the custom made ring jacket. Set with white-hot faux diamonds, it will set the ring on fire!

3.      Wear your ring for all to see, and change your look every day! Seven dazzling rings in seven gorgeous colours complemented by an ingenious ring jacket. This is the perfect addition to any jewellery collection!

Whether worn as a solitaire or in the exquisite ring jacket, Seven Wonders will reflect your personality as well as your impeccable style. Mix and match for every occasion.

Item #:UK-SWRS