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Michael O’Connor Angel Wing Bracelet

Michael O’Connor Angel Wing Bracelet

Stylish and sophisticated, this bracelet is fashioned of precious sterling silver showcasing a delicate pair of filigree wings. Lavished with the awe-inspiring splendour of 45 radiant faux diamonds. The bolo-style clasp adjusts to comfortably fit the wrist and is custom engraved with up to three initials of your choice. Designed exclusively by celebrity stylist & designer Michael O’Connor, exclusively for Danbury Mint.

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About Michael O’Connor
Michael has been setting trends and styling celebrities for 30 glamorous years. From red carpet events to television appearances hosting award season segments on SKY TV and GM TV, Michael has filled the world with his exquisite sense of style including jewellery, décor, and designer handbags – all at prices you’ll love. His appreciation for timeless beauty is now elegantly showcased in The Michael O’Connor Angel Wing Pendant.

Michael’s Signature Angel Wing Designs – “May the Angels Watch You Always.”

Over the years, Michael has become known for his extraordinary angel wing jewellery designs – and for good reason – the quality and craftsmanship of these elegant sparkling simulated diamond and sterling silver treasures, like The Michael O’Connor Angel Wing Bracelet, is beyond comparison. They also hold a deeper meaning for him and for his fans, with whom he often shares this touching story…

It was about 6 months after the loss of Michael’s dear father that he began work on his first angel wing design, as he felt moved to create beauty from his sadness. During this pensive time, Michael remembered something special his father had said to him almost every night – “Good night and God bless, and may the angels watch you always.” It was at that moment, the very first since his father’s passing, that the memory of Michael’s father brought a smile to his face instead of a tear to his eye. Michael then realized that when we lose someone we love, our deep feelings of mourning and missing will naturally shift to feelings of joy and fulfilment, knowing that our departed friend or family member is always with us and watching over us – as angels do. This poignant epiphany resulted in a flood of overwhelming happiness where before there had just been grief – and ultimately motivated Michael to spread this story of enduring love over tremendous loss, in both his work and his life. We think this uplifting tale makes The Michael O'Connor Angel Wing Bracelet an even more special gift for you or someone you care for to wear as a remembrance, or even just to tell someone you love that you are there for them – and always will be.