The Dambusters

A bronzed sculpture of a Lancaster pilot from World War II’s most famous raid, incorporating a set of genuine 1943 coins and an exclusive commemorative medal.
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On the night of 16-17th May 1943, Wing Commander Guy Gibson led 617 Squadron on an audacious raid to destroy three dams in the Ruhr Valley, the industrial heartland of Germany. It would become the most memorable operation of the Second World War and those who took part were forever immortalised as The Dambusters.Now, to honour those who participated in Operation Chastise, Danbury Mint is proud to present… The Dambusters.

  • The RAF bomber pilot is concentrating hard to maintain his speed and low altitude. Under heavy fire from the well-protected dams he also has to contend with the hills with only moonlight to guide him. Precision is essential!
  • Our craftsmen have successfully captured every detail, including the leather flying helmet and oxygen mask, the control yoke, steering column and armour-plated seat.
  • Genuine coins from 1943, including a farthing, halfpenny, threepence, silver shilling and silver sixpence.
  • A specially-crafted hexagonal wooden base.
  • An exclusive commemorative medal. In raised relief on the front, a Lancaster bomber flies over a breached dam. On the reverse are the words of Winston Churchill praising the bravery of the RAF bomber crews whose missions throughout the war were highly dangerous.

Item #:UK-CSDB