A Gift for the Troops

An exclusive wooden display chest, inspired by the 1914 Princess Mary Gift Fund Box, containing a complete set of silver coins from the First World War!
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I want you now to help me send a Christmas present from the whole of the nation… These were the words of Princess Mary, writing to the British public in 1914. Countless British soldiers would spend Christmas away from home that year, and she wanted to make sure they were not forgotten. Thanks to her fundraising efforts, hundreds of thousands soldiers received an embossed brass box, containing a variety of small gifts.This exclusive collection is based on those very boxes. Our skilled craftsmen have taken a handsome wooden box and sculpted the design from the original brass boxes in raised relief on the lid. To add the final touch, the sculpted top is brushed with an attractive golden finish!Each box contains a set of five genuine silver coins from the war – a threepence, sixpence, shilling, florin and halfcrown. All are minted in 92.5% silver. The years of the Great War were the last in which coins were minted in 92.5% silver - meaning that these coins are some of the last circulating 92.5% British silver coins!All of the coins are encapsulated for protection. Also included with your collection is a certificate of authenticity.