Rupert Bear & Friends Pin Collection

Rupert Bear & Friends Pin Collection

An officially-licensed deluxe pin collection celebrating one of the most endearing children’s characters in British fiction!
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£7.95 for first pin
You will receive your first pin for just £7.95 with free postage and handling. Following that, you will receive and pay for three pins per month at a price of £17.95 plus 95p postage and handling per pin. You can cancel at any time.
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Since his introduction to the world 100 years ago, Rupert Bear has been a staple feature in Children’s fiction. Rupert and his friends are in the heart and minds of millions of fans around the world for over a century, so what better way to celebrate 100 years of joyous memories with a deluxe pin collection?

  • Each pin is supremely crafted and lavishly plated in 22ct gold. Rupert, his friends and 100 years of wonderful adventures are commemorated in the perfect way!
  • Each pin comes with a fascinating full-colour fact card, telling the wonderful story of every character & adventure in Nutwood.
  • This impressive collection includes a custom-made glass-topped wooden collector’s chest to store and display your pins & fact cards – in your fourth shipment – FREE of charge!

Subsequently you will receive and pay for three pins every month at £17.95 (plus 95p postage and handling) per pin. You may cancel at any time.

Rupert Bear © & TM Express Newspapers & DreamWorks Distribution Limited. All rights reserved. 

Actual size of each pin is approximately 1½” in height.

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