Crystal Blue Flame Dragon Sculpture

Crystal Blue Flame Dragon Sculpture

Set a gothic and magical mood at home with this blue dragon oil burner.
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Blue dragons, also known as storm dragons, take great pleasure in wielding their power. They also enjoy capturing castles built up-on-high. They make their lairs as lofty as possible to survey their domains from the heights. Elevation makes them feel truly part of storms that roll through.

This stunning figurine is a perfect example of a blue dragon as he proudly boasts of his latest capture. Hand-painted to an exacting standard, this spectacular ornament doubles up as a unique oil burner. The dragon's tail creates a rest for the glass oil bowl, suspended over a glittering hollow for a single tea-light candle.

Actual size is 9” (23cm) height x 7” (17.5cm) width x 7.5” (18.5cm) depth.

Item #:UK-CBFD