Majestic Tiger

A genuine hand-crafted Uruguayan ceramic rinconada figurine of a majestic tiger.
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Tigers are the most iconic of the big cats. Their beauty is only matched by their power and presence. These wonderful beasts have long held a sense of mysticism and intrigue in many cultures. It’s no wonder that tigers have been captured by sculptors and artists for thousands of years.

This sitting tiger is the result of a unique and entirely handmade process of the highest technical and artistic quality. Every genuine rinconada sculpture is hand carved and individually painted using vibrant glazes, ensuring no two are ever identical – it’s your very own one-of-a-kind sculpture. 

Each piece is supplied gift boxed, with a certificate of authenticity and information regarding the 100% handmade process.

Actual size is 6 ¼” (16cm) high.

Item #:UK-MTGR