The Story of the Florin

The Story of the Florin

Journey through the history of Britain’s first ‘decimal’ coin with this unique collection of twelve florins that tell the tale of this famous coin.
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The silver florin, worth two shillings or one tenth of a pound, was introduced in 1849 as a first step towards decimalisation. It was ahead of its time, but it was many years before the coin saw popularity. This collection follows the story of the florin from its beginning, to its demise in 1970 – ironically with the advent of decimalisation!The Story of the Florin collection features all the key dates and types of florins, including:

  • The “Gothic Florin” from Queen Victoria’s reign – the only coin to bear the portrait of Victoria wearing the Gothic crown.
  • A florin from Edward VII’s reign – the only circulating British coin to bear the beautiful standing Britannia design.
  • The 1967 florin – the final one to be issued for circulation.
  • A proof florin from 1970 – the very last year in which a florin was minted.

To complete the story, we’ve also included a 1968 ten pence coin, the successor of the florin.Each historic coin is encapsulated for protection and housed in a handsome display chest which is yours, free of charge! The chest features a lock and key for additional security with the name of the collection handsomely embossed on the inside. A Certificate of Authenticity is also included.You will receive two coins every other month until your collection is complete.

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