The United States of America Presidential Dollar Rolls

The United States of America Presidential Dollar Rolls

The complete Presidential Dollar coin collection honouring all deceased former American Presidents presented in a custom Collector Rolls. Each month receive 12 coins of a particularly design, plus a FREE bonus Dollar to safely view the front and back of the coin.
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You will receive one roll every month.
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The U.S. Presidential Dollars series ended in 2016 — and many collectors were shocked to discover they had missed out on one of the greatest collections in American history. But now, you can take advantage of this special LAST CHANCE offer to acquire a personal treasury of these historic coins…while limited supplies last!

The U.S. Presidential Dollars series is widely acclaimed as one of America’s most important coin programs…and now, you can own not just one or two of these prized coins but sealed Collector Rolls of 12 never-circulated coins for every President in the series and every year of issue. Plus, you will receive a Bonus Coin to bring the total to 13 coins per President issued by the U.S. Mint.

You will receive the highly sought-after “Founding Fathers” first-year issues including George Washington, the first President…the most popular Presidents such as Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan…the Presidents who transformed America like Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt…the George H.W. Bush dollar coin which was approved in 2020 for strictly limited release under special Congressional legistlation…and many more.

The series was limited to deceased Presidents, and you will own all 40 coins for the most complete collection possible. Best of all, every coin in every roll is preserved in the coveted never-circulated condition preferred by collectors. You will also receive a FREE custom-crafted display case with your third shipment to house your stunning collection.

Actual size of chest is 18” (45¾ cm) x 10” (25½ cm) x 3” (7¾ cm).

Despatch will be at the rate of one roll per month until you have received the entire set. At that time you will also have the opportunity to extend the collection with six exclusive medals celebrating the living Presidents.

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