America’s Finest Coinage

Own the complete unbroken sequence of U.S. Proof Coin Sets in their original cases. The collection includes the 1968 first proof set from the San Francisco Mint, the 1981 proof set featuring the only Susan B. Anthony coins, and the proof sets for the first-year-of-issue coins like the U.S. State Quarters and Presidential Dollars. A custom display is included with your purchase at no additional charge!
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This is the dream collection of a lifetime. Owning the complete unbroken sequence of U.S. Proof Coin Sets is a cherished goal of most collectors. You owe it to yourself to experience America’s finest coinage, created by a special process that sets them apart from — and above — all other types of coinage. This is a shining showcase of HUNDREDS of pristine coins!In this popular and comprehensive collection:

  • You'll receive the 1968 Proof Set - the first from the San Francisco Mint, now the only Mint striking Proof coins.
  • You'll receive the 1975 Proof Set - with a dual-date of 1776-1976 on the quarter, half-dollar and dollar coins, none of which were ever minted with a 1975-only date.
  • You'll receive the 1981 Proof Set - featuring the only Susan B. Anthony coin struck that year, as no regular dollar coins were minted for circulation.
  • These are the highest grade-coin specimens available - not offered to the general public, never sold in any U.S. bank under any circumstances, never opened or touched!

Included at no additional charge: A luxurious Display Chest, which will be sent with your third shipment, will perfectly showcase your pristine Proof Sets.

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