2007 Adams Dollar Error Coins

2007 Adams Dollar Error Coins

Two genuine uncirculated Adams Dollar error coins: one with the “overlapped” error and one with the “inverted” error.
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Two rarely-seen, certified authentic error coins.

The U.S. Mint’s® landmark Presidential one-dollar coins were the first in more than 200 years to bear edge lettering. When the John Adams coin was released, a small but undetermined number of errors were discovered. Perhaps the most coveted coin treasure of recent years, these Adams error coins have double-struck inscriptions!

More amazing, there are two different errors: one with two sets of lettering that overlap each other (the “overlapped” error), and the other with one set of lettering that is upright and another that is upside-down (the “inverted” error). At a glance, each Adams Dollar gives little indication of what an unusual and important treasure it is; only by looking at the detailed images of the rims can you see the errors that make these coins so unusual and highly coveted.

No one knows for certain how many Adams error coins exist, but there is little doubt that the number is exceedingly small. To verify their status as genuine error coins in uncirculated condition, your Adams Dollars are certified by a major coin-grading company. Each coin is encapsulated in hard plastic holders so you can enjoy the details on the front, back and rims while ensuring protection from dust, fingerprints and wear.

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