The Defence at Rorke’s Drift

The Defence at Rorke’s Drift

An expertly crafted, hand-painted sculpture of a British infantryman, complete with a genuine Victorian silver shilling and exclusive commemorative medal.
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In 1879 the British Army fought one of its most iconic battles. A garrison of just 150 men, many of them sick or wounded, fought for twelve hours to repel repeated attacks by 4,500 Zulu warriors at Rorke's Drift. In recognition of the heroism displayed by these defenders, 11 Victoria Crosses were awarded, more than any single battle before or since.

Now, to commemorate this epic event, which became a symbol of heroism and inspiration to Victorian Britain, Danbury Mint is proud to present this exclusive hand-painted sculpture.This collection includes:

  • A remarkably detailed and stunningly realistic sculpture of a British soldier, grasping his rifle, poised for battle.
  • A genuine Victorian shilling minted in .925 sterling silver and dated from 1838 to 1879, the year of the battle.
  • An exclusive commemorative medal, featuring the words of ACO Walter Dunne, who fought at the battle, “They made several attempts to storm us... but they were driven back each time.”
  • A specially-crafted hexagonal wooden base.