Great British Lions

A complete set of ‘lion’ shillings and sixpences spanning the reigns of three monarchs, from George V to Elizabeth II!
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Royalty, heraldry and the design of the nation's coinage have always gone hand in hand, so it is no surprise that lions should be a prominent feature on British coins. Known as the King of Beasts, the lion is a heraldic symbol of courage, strength and valour, and has long been one of the most recognisable symbols of Great Britain.

Great British Lions showcases every British coin to feature a lion on the reverse from 1911 to 1966. It includes every sixpence minted between 1911 and 1926, and everyshilling minted between 1911 and 1966, including both the English and Scottish types.

Spanning an incredible 55 years of British history and the reigns of three of our monarchs, this collection features some important firsts and lasts in the history of Britain’s coinage, including:

  • The last sterling silver sixpences and shillings minted in the UK.
  • The first and last 50% silver shillings issued – as well as every issue in between!
  • The first and last of shillings issued for George VI and Elizabeth II – both the English and Scottish types.

A handsome wooden display completes this collection — yours at no additional charge. A magnificent silver-burnished lion sculpture sits proudly atop the chest, inspired by the lions that sit at the base of Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square. You will receive three coins every month until your collection is complete. You will receive your display in the third shipment.

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