British Coins of World War II

British Coins of World War II

A landmark collection featuring every coin issued in Britain during World War II, complete with a custom-made deluxe display chest!
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Over eighty years since the Second World War began, Danbury Mint presents a complete collection of every coin issued in Great Britain during the war years, from the farthing to the half-crown. The oldest have survived over three-quarters of century – if these coins could talk, imagine the stories they could tell!

Collectors will receive:

  • All the nickel brass, copper and 50% silver coinage issued for the United Kingdom from 1939 to 1945 – 63 coins in all!
  • The last silver threepence issued for the UK, as well as examples of the twelve-sided nickel-brass threepences that superseded it.
  • Copper pennies from each of the four war years in which they were minted.
  • A custom-made deluxe wooden display chest, with eight drawers specially designed to showcase your complete collection.
  • Special-edition fact cards highlighting key events from each coin’s year of issue.

This collection of 63 coins allows you the convenience of building it item-by-item with a gradual payment plan. Coins will be sent directly to your home at the rate of three coins every month.

Display measures 10” x 5¾” x 7¼”.

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