Britannia Pennies of the Twentieth Century

Britannia Pennies of the Twentieth Century

Trace the penny’s journey through the twentieth century with a collection of every pre-decimal penny minted for circulation, 1901 to 1967!
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The “old penny” began the twentieth century when Queen Victoria was on the throne, and ended its 264-year run as legal tender on 31 August, 1971 during the reign of Queen Elizabeth II.  From the first manned flight to a man on the moon, two World Wars to the first Labour government, what changes the humble penny witnessed!

This impressive collection features an example of every pre-decimal penny for every year of the twentieth century in which they were minted. Some of the most sought-after issues include the first pennies for Edward VII, George V and George VI, as well as the last circulated penny of Queen Victoria’s reign. Also included are all the years of the Great War, and the highly-coveted 1953 Queen Elizabeth II inaugural penny!

On the reverse of every penny in the collection is Britannia, seated, with here shield at her side and her trident held high. There is no greater symbol of the strength and determination of our nation, making the old penny one of Britain’s most iconic coins!

Each coin will arrive with a fact card, allowing you to re-live the key events of its mint year. What’s more, a handsome, museum-quality display with four glass panels is yours at no additional charge!

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