The World's First Combat Tank

An expertly-crafted bronzed sculpture of a World War One tank, combined with a genuine 1916 penny.
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In September 1916, amongst the carnage of the 4½-month Battle of the Somme, the tank saw active combat for the first time. Ultimately, these strange, new-fangled inventions would break the stalemate of the trenches, help bring victory for the Allies – and change military tactics forever.To celebrate their pivotal role in The Great War, Danbury Mint is proud to present this exclusive bronzed sculpture.

  • Our craftsmen have successfully captured every detail of the tank including the caterpillar tracks, the sponsons extending from the sides, the five machine-guns, and the steering tail at the rear which makes the tank so distinguishable from later versions.
  • The tank crosses the barren, cratered terrain of no-man's land, crushing the barbed wire and demolishing the walls of the German trench.
  • A genuine wartime penny from 1916, the year the tank first saw action. It features George V on the obverse and Britannia on the reverse.
  • An exclusive commemorative medal. In raised relief on the front, the rhomboid-shaped tank crashes over the German trenches. The reverse features the words of Bert Chaney, a signaller with the 7th London Territorial Battalion, as he reacted to seeing the tank for the first time.
  • A specially-crafted rectangular wooden base.