The Liberator

A stirring sculpture of a Second World War soldier in action, incorporating a set of 1944 coins and an exclusive commemorative medal.
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By 1944, the tide of World War II was finally turning. The Allied Forces were determined to free mainland Europe from Nazi oppression. D-Day marked a new chapter in the War and a vital step in the long struggle to liberate Europe.In tribute to all those soldiers who fought Nazi oppression, Danbury Mint is honoured to present this exclusive bronzed sculpture.
  • Our expert military historian has ensured that every detail is accurate. Poised for action, the soldier is clothed in battledress and helmet, and carries a STEN submachine gun.
  • Genuine coins from 1944, including a farthing, halfpenny, penny, threepence and silver sixpence.
  • A specially-crafted hexagonal wooden base.
An exclusive commemorative medal. In raised relief on the reverse are the words of General Montgomery: “To us is given the honour of striking a blow for freedom which will live in history”.

Item #:UK-CSDD