Best of British from Merrythought

Of the 30 or more teddy bear factories that once existed in Britain, only one remains.  Nestled in the Shropshire countryside, Merrythought has been hand-making teddy bears for over 80 years. Occupying an old foundry on the banks of the Ironbridge gorge, a visit to Merrythought is like stepping back in time.  Inside, a small highly skilled workforce hand-stitch each teddy bear in much the same way it was done when the factory first opened in 1930.

There is nothing mass-produced about a Merrythought bear.  The closest thing the factory has to automation is a stuffing machine purchased in the 1950s!  Each is lovingly hand-crafted meaning that no two bears are exactly the same. Through every stage of production, the skilled workforce ensure that only perfect bears carry the prestigious Merrythought wishbone label on their right paws. It’s your guarantee of a genuine Merrythought bear, entirely hand-made in England.

The company’s name is derived from the old English word for “wishbone” – a symbol of good luck – which has been the company’s emblem since 1930 when it was chosen to symbolise the founder’s intention to make children’s wishes come true.

Today, Merrythought is still a family run business.  Sisters and joint managing directors, Sarah and Hannah Holmes, are the fourth generation to be involved in the company.  And we think that the future of the British teddy bear couldn’t be in safer hands.

Discover our range of exclusive Merrythought bears currently available, and watch this space for some exciting new developments.

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