Teddy Hermann Halloween Cat

Teddy Hermann Halloween Cat

An enchanting black cat hand-made by one of the world’s oldest teddy bear makers.
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This bewitching black cat is certain to put a spell on you. Look how adorable she is. Teddy Hermann’s Halloween Cat has been hand-crafted from luxurious jet black alpaca mohair. Those mystical green eyes are full of magic as she clutches a felt pumpkin, ready for carving. 

Her flat feet enable her to freely stand and she’s five-way jointed, so you can pose her as you wish. 

Teddy-Hermann are one of the oldest and most respected bear makers in the world. Since 1912, the Hermann family have been known for creating premium teddy bears and plush animals. Their creations are much sought after by serious bear collectors. Halloween Cat is no different. In fact, she’s a rare creation. Just 200 pieces will ever be made, ensuring her permanent rarity.

Size: 7.5” (19cm)