Basil Brush by Steiff

Basil Brush by Steiff

A limited-edition tribute to an icon of British children’s television.
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Basil Brush made his first television appearance almost 60 years ago, and this impeccably-dressed fox with a posh voice and endearing habit of laughing at his own jokes is still going strong today!

Now, Basil has been given the ultimate accolade – he’s been immortalised by Steiff.

Basil’s gorgeous orange-brown fur is made from luxurious mohair. He has a perfectly shaped face with a wonderfully pronounced snout, sparkling amber eyes and two protruding upper front teeth. You can just imagine him uttering that immortal catchphrase “Ha! Ha! Ha! Boom! Boom!” Steiff have even managed to recreate Basil’s “most-prized possession” – his fantastic two-tone brush tail. His dapper outfit of tweed cape, matching waistcoat and bright orange bib with a striking emerald-green cravat is inspired by original worn by Basil in 1968.

Basil Brush is being issued in a strict limited edition of just 3,000 pieces worldwide.© and TM Basil Brush held by Basil Brush Limited.