Bao Bao the Lucky Panda by Steiff

Bao Bao the Lucky Panda by Steiff

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The panda has been a favourite at Steiff since 1936. That was when Richard Steiff – the inventor of the teddy bear – sketched the first ever panda to live in the Western World at Chicago Zoo!

And their latest panda – Bao Bao – is very special indeed.His name means “Treasured Gift” in Mandarin, and he has all the hallmarks of a genuine hand-crafted Steiff creation. His lustrous fur is made from black and white mohair – the beautiful and valuable coat of the angora goat.

But what makes Bao Bao extra appealing and lucky is his gorgeous red satin jacket decorated on the back with a golden dragon. In Chinese culture, the colour red and the symbol of the dragon represent good fortune and happiness. Everyone needs a good luck charm, could Bao Bao be yours?

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