Teddy-Hermann Little Purple Bear

Teddy-Hermann Little Purple Bear

A pretty purple-prince of a teddy bear from Teddy-Hermann.
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He’s the colour of twilight as day turns to night. A purple garden… always in bloom! His divine colour is often associated with nobility and luxury. He’s a real Purple Prince!

This gorgeous ted’s amazingly vivid colour has made him a real hit with collectors and it’s not hard to see why. He’s made from purple plush fabric by renowned bear makers Teddy-Hermann. They’ve been crafting premium quality soft toys for over 100 years. The traditional bear makers are still run by the Hermann family, often using crafting techniques first used a century ago.

His berry colour is offset with creamy faux leather paws. He has glossy black safety eyes and the sweetest black hand-stitched nose and mouth. He’s five-way jointed so you can pose him as you wish. He also comes with a Teddy-Hermann medallion to indicate his authenticity.

Size 5.5cm.