National Geographic Gorilla - Boogie

National Geographic Gorilla - Boogie

A cuddly gorilla created by Steiff in partnership with National Geographic.
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Poaching and disease have seen the population of Western Lowland Gorillas decline by an astonishing 65% in the last 25 years. Even with the threat of poaching and hunting removed, it will take at least 75 years before their numbers can return to previous levels. As a result, they are critically endangered and need our protection.

Boogie Gorilla’s soft grey plush fur has fabulous hand-applied shading transitions through his body and his haunches. Velvety accents to his face, hands and feet and auburn hues to his head achieve an ultra-realistic look. The care Steiff have taken creating this gorgeous gorilla makes Boogie the perfect addition to your family.

About the PhotoArkPhotographer, Joel Sartore, has embarked on a 25-year project to document 12,000 captive species worldwide inspiring people to save these animals and their natural environments before they disappear forever. To date, Joel has photographed more than 9,000 species for his PhotoArk. Now, Steiff has partnered with National Geographic to create a special collection of plush animals in support of preserving biodiversity.

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