Proven in Battle

An exclusive bronzed sculpture of a Mark III Centurion tank, accompanied by a genuine 1952 coin and an exclusive medal.
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Fulfilling the need for a multi-purpose tank capable of engaging infantry, artillery and other tanks, the Centurion tank went on to become one of the most successful tank designs of the post-World War Two era. Entering production in 1945, the Centurion tank saw action across multiple conflicts during its service, most notably in the Korean War (1950-53), in which it proved itself capable of fighting on any terrain and in any conditions.The magnificent sculpture captures the moment a Mark III Centurion tank hunkers down behind sandbags, holding back the enemy, at the ‘Hook’, an area of land that was fiercely contested during the Korean War. Centurion tanks were vital to the UN’s defence of this area against numerous attacks by the Chinese. Every detail of the sculpture is authentic, from the turret and caterpillar tracks to the 84mm 20-pounder gun.Set on a specially-crafted wooden base, this sculpture is accompanied by a genuine 1952 threepence, the year in which fighting began at the Hook. You will also recieve an exclusive commemorative medal featuring a Mark III powering across terrain in raised relief on the front and the words of General John O’Daniel, recalling the achievements of the Mark III during the Korean War, on the reverse.